Minnesota's Largest
Registered Yak Herd
Home of Jericho, title-holder for
Longest Yak Horns In The World 


Clear Spring farm is home to Jericho, a 20-year-old Native Trim Tibetan Yak. Jericho is no ordinary yak. He has been awarded the title of Longest Yak Horns In The World, measuring a whooping 126 inches long from tip to tip and 10 inches circumference. 

Clear Spring Farm, located in the picturesque cannon Valley, is home to Minnesota’s largest registered yak herd. Grazing peacefully on the gentle, rolling, grassy hills, a variety of Royal and Native Trim Tibetan Yak call this place home. 

31139 County 7 Blvd, Welch, MN 55089   |   651-212-8099   |   hmzesmith@yahoo.com

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31139 County 7 Blvd, Welch, MN 55089 | 651-212-8099 | hmzesmith@yahoo.com